be yourself. get connected.  go further and have fun. 


Getting CONNECTED elevates you.

Join the community + program in Denver, for people looking to get connected, fulfilled and empowered in life and work. 


Before you join, try it out by coming to an event!


I'm very thankful for the incredible community of people I've met, the connections I've made, and how both have supported me in what I'm creating in my business.

-Laura Li, Denver

Connected is a cohesive community experience in Denver for people on purpose, in any stage of life, to get and stay connected to one another, their contribution, path and passion.

By doing both life and work together, we are elevating the business + culture of being human!

We provide this through a culture of + physical space for:

  • regular authentic connecting and socials

  • weekly workshops and opportunities for development

  • daily authentic conversations, facilitated or organic

  • ongoing resources, connections, mentorship, with built-in accountability

  • whole-human support with diverse leadership and coaching team

  • weekly coworking with refreshments

  • community-wide scheduled activities for things that matter to us like service work, creative pursuits, or work-outs.

Connected gives us continuous opportunities to experience inspiration, energy about what matters to us, synergy with our people, to be filled up, to share our gifts EVERY WEEK! 


I had never been in such a large group of people who were encouraged to be vulnerable and to create a safe space for each other. To see the power of that in action was special. 

-C.L., Denver


The inspiration that leads her to help and reach out to other inspired and aspiring leaders is much-needed.

Jentrey Potter, Denver

With Connected, we want to know what makes you come alive and your story, what really matters to you.

Your roles and titles in life do not define you.
It is your heart and where you are going that matters here. 
And no more working and doing it all solo!!!
We do life + work together.

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