Get Connected. 

The “Get Connected Program” in Denver begins in October. Keep reading....

Do you crave connection, community, and collaboration?
Do you want to stay connected to your people, path, purpose, and passion?

YES! You want to get CLEAR, BOLD, EMPOWERED, EXCITED, and IN ACTION about your LIFE and WORK. Keep reading....


NOW is the time! Get Connected is a 7-week accountability program and supportive community for you to further explore and connect with your authentic path, purpose and people.

You will be empowered with bold, inspired action.

You will receive:

  • a safe, freeing space to explore and express yourself, cultivating courage

  • impactful and easy accountability and support each week

  • a new, expansive community of authentic, purpose-driven people who will become your next friend, mentor, or partner

  • new insights, clarity, direction, opportunities for your next steps in life and work

  • personal connections to the right mentors, resources, and people for your path

  • free Denver events that will elevate, inspire, connect you with influencers, leaders, and your people

  • exclusive Connected community you can thrive in, even after program ends

  • match with free/discounted events, classes and products relevant to you

Who does this program?

Read up from a recent applicant (age 30-something, business owner/professional, works solo 100%):

"(I want to) get connected in different ways, build community and in ways that support growth, ideas, and inspiration.... to get support to help me find clarity and direction with work. (Connection) is one of the biggest values in my life. It is the source of energy that I pull from and what gives my life meaning. I think it also is imperative to have connection and community in order to make an impact. (What fulfills me is) helping people become the best version of themselves and supporting them in growth- whether physical, mental or emotional. Leadership, community and creating impact."

To sign up:

Contact Susannah at with Subject Line: “Get Connected” to set up time to to explore if this is right for you. The cost of the program is $499.

The program is open for registration now. Reach out & claim your spot!

You matter. Community matters.

The world needs us to come alive.

We come alive when we Get Connected!