About Connected

Connected is the new way for people to stay connected and empowered, collaborating and growing!

Connected is a community membership, starting now in Denver, that brings people together in powerful ways.

Connected is for men and women who have a desire to discover their life purpose, or who are already on the mission to be and create the change they see for their life, communities and world.

Why Connected?

Now is the time of a NEW generation of leaders and organizations everywhere to come alive everywhere, take action, create, and thrive.

Yet, most of us leaders and creators on a mission, especially when emerging or in transition, have nowhere to go daily or weekly that is an ongoing, effective, and truly accessible community. This is NOT a new business, program, online resource, or isolated opportunity. This is the go-to safe place, the hub of resources, the reliable community, supporting the creation of a new society.

It is the way of the much-needed community, a modern-day tribe. We are all elevated.

What makes community work?

Community works most effectively with the following: leaders, structures, and common ground that foster real connection, collaboration, compassion, conversation, authenticity, the empowerment, care and encouragement of individuals, sharing, working as one, and more.

These skills are currently not, nor have been, taught, demonstrated, or practiced as the common, default, and daily human experience. It is time to see these skills come alive and be more natural for all of us. Imagine a world where more humans know, practice, and live with more of these!

I believe we can change the world if we start listening to one another again. Simple, honest, human conversation... where we each have a chance to speak, we each feel heard, and we each listen well...Human conversation is the most ancient and easiest way to cultivate the conditions for change - personal change, community and organizational change, planetary change. If we can sit together and talk about what’s important to us, we begin to come alive.
— Margaret Wheatley

Why is community so powerful?

Through the vehicle of real community, humans can not only access the fulfillment of our basic needs to connect with others, but also access the ability to grow, be elevated, productive, and thrive. Also, real community allows differences in backgrounds, opinions, ages, generations, gender to melt away. When this happens, humans are able to connect at soul and heart level. Humans harmonize, synergize, and experience oneness and all rise together from where they were. They begin to naturally express this higher energy in all their environments, transforming all others they meet, and spaces they are in.

In this space of real community, we access the opportunities of creativity, innovation, solutions, abundance, courage, inspired action, collaborations, fun, joy, partnerships and so, so much more! It is synergy. We are immersed in an incubator for all of our potential as creators and changemakers to be ignited, cultivated, expressed, and realized...faster and with ease. This is the new, Real, Evolutionary, Vital way for all of us. 

Connected’s Mission

To create mentorship community: authentic, sustainable connecting and collaboration.


  • To ignite and support emerging leaders in mindset, clarity, emotional support, direction, and taking action

  • To learn about the power of and cultivate more of changemaking and leadership skills,

  • To authentically connect with and converse with others about all things that matter to us,

  • To freely share our stories, gifts, resources, connections, and insights to fulfill the needs of others in the community,

  • To be a natural mentor for those in the community who are emerging or need support in certain areas,

  • To ask boldly for and receive what we need to survive and thrive,

  • To express our celebrations and challenges in the area of our impact and gifts, raising awareness for and connection with others in the community

  • To mastermind and think-tank with others in the community more solutions, innovations, and feedback for our area of impact

  • To help one another identify the old ways of society and living that don’t work, and to explore new ones that may work, take action, and create!

1. Gathering together in-person, and online, in real, safe, open, lightly-structured and facilitated environments for conversation about what matters to us. 

2. Plugging into different, and ongoing gatherings that have different purposes and include:

  • Elevated social connecting with other diverse changemakers

  • Engaging weekly classes for deeper connection, discovery & community

  • Purposeful, curious conversations about things that matter to us

  • Productive masterminding sessions for clarity, direction, and solutions

  • Collaboration, mentorship, resources, and partnership connections

  • Workshops led by community in the skills and content that matter to us

3. Inviting and sharing this community with other leaders at all stages

4. All of us in the community committing to:

  • Show up, be in inquiry, in the conversation, share our gifts, hearts, and visions for the world

  • Learn and practice the vital change-making and creating skills that create the foundation of community, and expand them to our lives wherever we go, and whomever we encounter

  • Be the change, and create the new ways you see for the world, and to engage in this community of changemakers that can help make it all possible.


The vision for Connected is to cultivate this local hub of powerful community and resources in Denver and nationwide, connecting them virtually, creating a global web of leaders who are expressing their life purpose, taking action, creating, and thriving.


Key Elements

Introducing the powerful Key Elements! These Key Elements form the foundation of Connected's experiences and practices. The cultivation of these skills or key elements in leaders causes exponential ripple effects for elevated relational, cultural, and societal shifts. In Connected, we believe everyone is a leader and called to expand on these skills as they make change, and create new things in life and work.

Curiosity & Asking Questions

Authenticity & Expression

Wholeness & Integrity

Compassion & NonJudgment

Creativity & Innovation

Solutions & Possibilities

Connection & Collaboration

Contribution & Message

Soul Blueprint & Life Purpose

Reflection & Appreciation

Action & Commitment

Clarity & Conviction


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